Announcing the Launch of Enigma’s First Networked Testnet!

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This major milestone is a huge step closer to mainnet. Learn what’s next for secret nodes and Enigma!

Hello to the Enigma community!

Today we are extremely pleased to finally announce an important milestone: the launch of Enigma’s very first networked testnet!

As you may recall, our previous major milestone was the release of our developer testnet in June. This allowed developers to easily begin building secret contracts to power their own applications and solutions. Since then, we’ve released a number of monthly development updates and other posts keeping our community informed about our progress towards the mainnet release of Enigma’s protocol. As we mentioned in our first Open Community Call in November, we set a target of December 2019 for our next major milestone: our first networked testnet release. Today, December 23rd, we are proud to have achieved that milestone!

This new release, for the first time, allows “secret node” runners to begin connecting to Enigma’s Discovery testnet and staking their own testENG. Secret nodes are worker nodes that perform privacy-preserving computations in Enigma’s network — and they form its backbone and foundation. We are happy to share that thanks to our active community, the first independent nodes have already successfully connected to testnet! The secret contracts for Salad, Enigma’s coin-mixer implementation, have also been deployed to the Ethereum testnet and Enigma.

Reaching this milestone means we are also getting closer to the launch of the Genesis Game. During this period, secret nodes will compete to become the first mainnet nodes (genesis nodes) in Enigma’s network, earning the first network rewards and fees. Only 50 genesis nodes maximum will be selected, and it is critical that all node runners can maintain uptime and support the stability and reliability of the network. More information can be found in this exhaustive ...

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