ANU #70 — AppCoins Burn and User Incentives Updates

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ANU #70 — AppCoins Burn and User Incentives Updates

Welcome to the AppCoins News Update, ‘ANU’ for short. This week, we’re focusing on user incentive updates, the AppCoins burn, and more!

Here we are, back with your biweekly update on the AppCoins Project. This week we have some amazing news regarding our user incentives program, and a new feature in the AppCoins ecosystem. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about your favorite blockchain project.

Upcoming Release

User Incentives

If you have been reading our previous ANUs, you know we continuously make improvements to our User Incentives Program. As we’ve mentioned before, our aim is to make sure that the largest number of users possible can enjoy all the promotions we have available. We have continued on with our goal, and have integrated some of your feedback into our upcoming update.

End of Pioneer Bonus

So let’s start with the update to the bonus table. Unfortunately, we are ending the pioneers table bonus, and as of this new update we will be moving our pioneer users to the standard bonus table. This means that while there is still up to 25% bonus offered, there will be more levels to complete to get there for all of our users. We are truly thankful to the AppCoins Pioneers, however, in order to provide all users fair access to the best possible benefits, we had to make this change.


We are bringing something new to our users, and are enacting some changes that are sure to uplift our User Incentives Program. We will be referring to these new promotions as “perks,” and they will include things like getting an additional bonus when you achieve a new level (on top of the new bonus you will have already achieved) on a given game every time you ...

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