ANU #71 — Updates to our User Incentives Program & more!

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ANU #71 — Updates to our User Incentives Program & more!

Welcome to the AppCoins News Update, ‘ANU’ for short. This week, we’re focusing on User Incentives Programs updates, UI improvements, and more!

After two weeks full of new promotions, our team’s efforts were focused on putting the new User Incentive Programs into motion for you to enjoy. Ready to learn about the highlights of this recently launched version? Read on to find out more!

Current version

Update of the User Incentives Program

This recent update included several changes, including the percentages bonus table for our pioneer users. Although it was a considerable change for some of our pioneers, we tried to reduce the impact of that loss by providing a higher percentage in new promotions.

These promotions were another big change that we made to the program, giving our users an additional bonus for a certain period of time. In our first available promotion, we added a 5% to 10% extra bonus to every Lords Mobile purchase. This meant that the user could get up to a 35% bonus in every purchase.

After a lot of work and effort from our design team to create this new UI (which included the development efforts of both the AppCoins Wallet team and the Backend team), we managed to test the platform and get everything up and running on the 15th of September.

Product name: Top up

We were even able to squeeze a couple of small improvements into our product’s name. In the previous version, “null” was a description of a Top Up which, for us, was not very user friendly (even if you are a developer, “null” is definitely not the best reference for a purchase in our opinion). However, in this new version (1.16.0) of the AppCoins Wallet, we have reattributed the name ...

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