ANU #72 — Updates to our new promotions and wallet validation

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ANU #72 — Updates to our New Promotions and Wallet Validation

Welcome to the AppCoins News Update, ‘ANU’ for short. This week, we’re focusing on upgrades to our promotion cards, the addition of a disclaimer for leveling up, and more!

After a fortnight, we know that you’re already missing our updates regarding the AppCoins project. So let’s check out the latest highlights.

Upcoming release

As you may know, when a new update (or a new product) is launched, the first weeks are critical in terms of feedback, to ensure everything is working properly. With the release of new promotions and their respective features, we’ve received some helpful feedback regarding a few improvements that we could bring on board. So, during these past two weeks, our team has been focused on bringing that feedback to life.

Promotions cards & notifications

The first aspect our team improved upon was bringing more engagement (and interactions) to the promotions cards (in the “promotions” tab) and to the notifications about them on the main screen. In the next release, every time we launch a new promotion or our users receive a notification about it, they will be able to click on it and be redirected to the game’s app view. This way, the user can launch it or install it right away.

Level up disclaimer

The next improvement was directly influenced by the feedback received on our support channel, where many of our users questioned why they weren’t leveling up in the bonus table after a purchase. With that said, one of the rules of our User Incentives Program is that the purchases made with AppCoins Credits are not considered for the level up, as they are a bonus themselves.

You may wonder, how is this related to the new promotions? We can tell you that this has a direct ...

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