ANU #73 — Security and Wallet UI Updates

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ANU #73 — Security and Wallet UI Updates

Welcome to the AppCoins News Update, ‘ANU’ for short. This week, we’re focusing on upgrades to our billing system, Wallet UI, and much more!

Latest Release

During our last two weeks of development we’ve released a new version of the AppCoins Wallet with some small developments, but relevant ones, improving both UI and security.

Billing Address

When it comes to our ecosystem security, we always want to make sure that our users and our developers feel safe. With that in mind, our team added another security layer to the purchase flow by including a billing address. This is a common step when paying with a credit card, and it’s another form of ensuring a safe transaction. This feature will only apply to users from specific countries. By adding this update, our team aims to tackle potential fraudulent behavior in countries that don’t support the 3D Secure protocol.

New Verification Status Indicator

While the security of our platform/products is our main concern, delivering the best quality in our UI is a close second. With that being said, we recently rearranged the home screen in the Wallet app, so that all of the features are visible (even in smaller devices).

Upcoming Releases

But our team’s work doesn’t stop there! We’re always looking to add new improvements and features to our products.

Fingerprint Authentication

At the moment, we are developing a feature that has been on our minds for quite some time. We know our users’ wallets have valuable funds, so we want them to feel safe when their device is unlocked. A simpler way to ensure safety is by requesting a fingerprint to unlock the wallet (something many of us already use to access our smartphone). For those who wish to activate this feature, the AppCoins Wallet ...

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