ANU #81 — New Payment Updates and New Support Language

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ANU #81 — New Payment Updates and Support Language

Welcome to the AppCoins News Update, ‘ANU’ for short. This week we’re focusing on added support and updates to payment processing. Read on to find more!

Upcoming release

We are now on the final phase of tests for the new version of the AppCoins Wallet. This update will not only fix some small bugs, but also include minor improvements and exciting new content. Read on to find all of the details!

Improving Error Messages

In this upcoming version of the AppCoins Wallet, we wanted to improve our communication with our users regarding problems in the purchase flow. In order to do this, we’ll be revising the messages that pop up in relation to common errors. We want to ensure that users achieve a better understanding of what happened, and these new messages will attempt to show the user how to solve the issue themselves.

Payment Updates

The error messages aren’t the only part of purchasing to get a facelift with this new version. Some minor updates were done regarding the local payment method flow and carrier billing. In regards to local payments, we’ve made improvements by updating the services we use to process this payment method. This will avoid issues caused by the previous service, that created downtimes for some of these purchases.

When it comes to payments with carrier billing, we’ve made some improvements regarding the user experience, so as to make it more seamless and intuitive. We also recently found a few bugs that were occurring with with these payments, which resulted in our team disabling them temporarily. This will also be fixed in this new version.

Added Support in Korean

The new content for this release comes in the form of a new support language, aiming for the inclusion of even more users. We’re happy to ...

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