ANU #82 — New Verification 2.0 and AppCoins Burn Update

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ANU #82 — New Verification 2.0 and AppCoins Burn Update

Welcome to the AppCoins News Update, ‘ANU’ for short. This week we’re focusing on a new verification 2.0 process and burn update. Read on to find more!

Verification 2.0 has arrived!

While we’ve mentioned our new wallet verification system in our previous ANUs, we’re happy to announce that verification 2.0 (or as we call it in the team, verify 2.0) has finally been released.

What is the verification system used for?

The AppCoins billing ecosystem has a mechanism that allows us to confirm whether or not a user is suspicious when they make a purchase using our billing system. When someone gets flagged for repeated potentially fraudulent behaviour, we would previously ask the user for a verification of their identity through an SMS token validation (a code sent to their phone).

However we have found that over time, this verification isn’t necessarily the best method for our users. Therefore, we continued work on verification 2.0.

What is new and improved?

Verification 2.0 isn’t necessarily a new system, but it’s definitely an improved one. Other payment services, such as PayPal, also use it. But what about this new verification process makes it way better than the previous one?

First of all, we’ve changed the SMS token validation to a payment validation. Users will have to make a small payment with their credit card. After this payment is done, they will merely need to check their bank transaction details in order to find the token required for the validation of the wallet.


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