ANU#68–3D Secure Updates and UI Improvements

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Welcome to the AppCoins News Update, ‘ANU’ for short. This week, we’re focusing on new 3D Secure updates, design improvements, and more!

It’s time to check out all the work that is being done in the AppCoins universe! A lot of time and effort is going into our next AppCoins Wallet release, from UI improvements to security updates. Read all about it in this week’s ANU!

Upcoming Release

3D Secure Improvements

As mentioned in the previous ANU, we’ve re-enabled the 3D Secure feature in our payment process. Besides providing additional security, it also creates the best user experience when making payments in the AppCoins Wallet. By collaborating with our services team, we are working on setting up the best rules and configurations to provide the smoothest experience for our regular users.

Payment Fees

As of our next release, we will start applying fees to the purchases that utilize any of our local payments. The user will be able to see this information before making the purchase when the list of payment methods is shown.

Payment Methods List Improvements

Continuing with the payment methods improvements, we now have a new way to show the selected and disabled payment methods. We’ve made some visual improvements to simplify things for the user, so it is clearer to identify which payment method is selected, and which (if any) are disabled.

Wallet validation landscape

Now let’s bring it back to the landscape subject. As you probably know, this was a frequent topic in some of our previous ANUs. We continuously work at giving the best quality to the AppCoins Wallet, which includes working on the largest range of devices and in all orientations. So in the next release we have included one new landscape flow as part of the wallet validation. Check it out and tell us what ...

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