ANU#83 — Subscription feature update and e-vouchers

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ANU#83 — Subscription feature update and e-vouchers

Welcome to the AppCoins News Update, ‘ANU’ for short. This week we’re focusing on the new subscriptions feature and the introduction of e-vouchers. Read on to find more!

Subscriptions… Close to launching

From the initial changes in our services, to our prototype, and now to the precipice of the launch… Much has already been said about our upcoming subscription feature.

The current stage

The AppCoins Wallet team has already finished all the necessary developments for a full release of the wallet with the new subscriptions.

With our demo app, we have completed all the steps in the subscription flow, including purchasing a subscription and canceling it. However, one important detail is that currently the AppCoins Wallet system allows you to cancel in the middle of your subscription period, but it will still be active in the app. This means that, at the moment, you can’t pause a subscription.

In this new version of the AppCoins Wallet, you will be able to manage your subscriptions. We will have a dedicated screen where you can see the list of both your active and expired subscriptions. In that same screen, you will be able to access all the subscription details, check the payment method used, and see the date of your subscription renewal.

An important detail: If a user wishes to reactivate a canceled subscription, they’ll need to go back to the specific application, as the AppCoins Wallet is currently only able to manage ongoing subscriptions.

For now, the only payment method available for subscriptions is credit card, but we are working on integrating all the payment methods you’re used to in the future.

Next steps

The team is currently finding games and applications with subscriptions in order to test this new feature in our production environment. Stay tuned!

Something new… E-vouchers


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