APENFT(NFT) Project Officially Joining TRON Century Mining

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We are excited to announce APENFT (NFT) will join TRON Century Mining with liquidity mining (LP) pool NFT-TRX at SUN.io.

In an effort to reward TRON Century Mining participants for their support and enthusiasm, NFT-TRX LP liquidity mining speed will be up to 42, thus allowing a mining experience of high earnings at a high speed.

Users who take part in TRON Century Mining will earn rewards in 7 tokens: TRX, SUN, BTT, JST, WIN, NFT and YFX.

TRON Token Gift Pack Daily Rewards for NFT Project Team:

NFT Project Committance Mining Pool Allocation:

NFT-TRX LP Mining Pool and Staking Details:

NFT-TRX LP Pool Duration: May 31st, 2021 21:00 — June 7th, 2021 20:59 (SGT)


1.Visit JustSwap.org and provide liquidity to earn LP tokens.

2. Go to SUN.io to stake LP tokens.

Rewards Unlocking and Issuance

1. Each batch of mining rewards will be unlocked once a week with all rewards issued within 24 weeks, starting from a week after participation. For example, if you begin mining in the 1st week, then all your rewards will be unlocked and issued in the 25th week.

2. 10% of the total SUN LP pool mining rewards (i.e. 33% of the total SUN rewards) can be withdrawn at any time. The remaining token rewards, including TRX, SUN, BTT, JST, WIN, NFT and YFX will be unlocked once a week, and will be unlocked within 24 weeks....

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