April Bi-Monthly Report

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April 16–31, 2021

Technical Progress
SCO Platform
Other News
Community Governance
Technical Progress

Technical Progress

New Heights
  • Continued development and testing of Chrome plug-ins. This includes optimizing the performance and UI interaction of the home page, and resolving the problem of community feedback.
  • Continued development and testing of the Nabox Android version. The development includes adding access to the OKExChain’s test network for testing.
  • Continued development and testing of the Nabox IOS version.
  • Working on the NerveNetwork v1.10.3. Changes/additions include consensus module optimization, and optimized virtual bank chain handling fees for specific cases.
  • Adding support for OKT prediction machine feed in NerveNetwork v1.11.0.

SCO Platform


April 16: BonFi, a NULS SCO Project, launched their V1 platform. V1 new/improved features include additional evaluation parameters to boost the quality of DeFi project and product risk scores. Congratulations BonFi!

Medium-article- BonFi-V1

April 19: BonFi announced that through the NerveNetwork cross-chain, its asset BNF is interoperable with BSC, Heco, OKExChain, NULS, and Nerve.

Earhart New Partners

April 26: NULS SCO Project Earhart announced partnerships with ISEC Lisboa, Cottinelli Telmo School, and Entroncamento INOVA.

These partnerships will help Earhart speed up the industry adoption of Earhart Solution, providing the aviation students access and training in their leading technology. This will help bring Blockchain teaching mainstream....

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