AtomicDEX Initial Beta v0.3 Live ✅

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Komodo has just released AtomicDEX v0.3 (initial beta), marking the first milestone on the Komodo Q4 roadmap, and a major milestone of Komodo developer history. 

Downloading the latest version of AtomicDEX.

12 years ago Satoshi Nakamoto released the Bitcoin whitepaper outlining the conception of blockchain ideas and UTXO technology. In league with the idea of a self sovereign future, we at Komodo are announcing the debut of AtomicDEX beta — a non-custodial, self-sovereign wallet and digital asset exchange solution. The protocol, and gem, of which our AtomicDEX GUI is built on is a testament to the vision from which our crypto sphere started. Bitcoin was the start of UTXO technology. Komodo is honored to help push the next wave of blockchain tech forward.

Here’s a summary of the features that we have highlighted in the week leading up to the release. You can check out the full posts for more details on each feature. Be sure to download the latest version of AtomicDEX to check out these upgrades, store assets in the non-custodial wallet, and make cross-chain trades via the atomic swap platform.

TradingView Charts

New charts on AtomicDEX enable you to view price action in various formats and time Intervals. You can even compare the market movement of your favorite crypto trading pairs to a variety of other assets and use advanced technical analysis tools directly in-app.

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Liquidity Pool Multiplier

Komodo developers have taken the concept of One-Cancels-the-Other order (OCO) trading styles and merged it with the atomic swap trading process. The result is the liquidity pool multiplier, which enables users to place multiple limit orders with the same funds. It’s a Grandma-friendly liquidity solution for traders on AtomicDEX.

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