AtomicDEX v0.3.1 Is Live ✅

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AtomicDEX v0.3.1 is now live and ready to download! Check out the release notes below.

Note: If you have AtomicDEX v0.3.0 or an earlier version of AtomicDEX and try to open the application, you’ll be required to update to AtomicDEX v0.3.1. Click on the button that says "Download", and you’ll be redirected to this link for downloading AtomicDEX v0.3.1 on your device. All users will need to download AtomicDEX v0.3.1 in order to participate in the stress test, happening on December 12 & 13.

AtomicDEX v0.3.1 Release Notes

New Features

  • Switched to new reworked core (mm2.1 in 7777 netid)
  • QRC20 support (txs/swaps/custom tokens adding)
  • Light theme
  • Added refreshed faucet
  • Added tQTUM, QCash
  • Renamed XZC to FIRO (rebrand)


  • Moved trading logic to backend
  • Updated Qt engine
  • Updated CI (build speed, additional bundling options)
  • Enhanced logging
  • ...

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