Atticbee’s AMA in the China community, English transcript | 2021/03/03

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Guest: Atticbee, a member of the China community of RChain Cooperative, graduated from Zhejiang University and Carnegie Mellon University with a major in computer science, and later settled in the United States and worked in the IT industry for a long time. As a blockchain technology enthusiast, I began to pay attention to RChain’s technology in 2017, had a lot of communications with members of the RChain cooperative, and have been promoting the awareness of RChain’s unique technology in the Chinese community.

Zora: People familiar with the RChain project know that Atticbee has made a lot of contributions to the RChain China community. He follows closely the development of the RChain project, and organizes and shares knowledge so that everyone can easily understand this technology.

Zora: Q1 — Please briefly introduce the RChain project itself, let us deepen our understanding of the project.

Atticbee: We recently made a one-page introduction of RChain. I just copy and paste here:

Based on the revolutionary Rho calculus, RChain solves a series of problems preventing blockchain platforms from mainstream adoption.

Its fast and scalable conflict detection algorithm accompanied with Casper CBC consensus allows:

– all nodes to produce and verify blocks concurrently without global epochs so it becomes the first smart contract platform to achieve single-shard scalability.

– large data to be stored directly on chain, removing the dependency on other data storage solutions such as IPFS.

Built on Rho calculus, RChain is the first chain to allow any complicated cross-shard transactions to be verified and finalized atomically and concurrently by all involved shards. This means the cross shard transactions can be done seamlessly and safely just as within a single shard.

It will also be equipped with a Rho calculus based behavioural type system. This allows smart contracts to be verified quickly in a concurrent and ...

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