Augur Weekly Report — August 28th

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Augur Weekly Report — August 28th

Augur | Cheeze Wizards

Devs from the Forecast Foundation held a workshop for the Cheeze Wizards 🧀 Hack-a-thon, teaching participants how to incorporate Augur in their projects. Currently, a team is working on a tool to use analytics & stats on wizards to create prediction markets for duels. The hack-a-thon ends on 9/1 so check back to see the cheezy things built w/ Augur and other projects.

Augur Metrics:

Pre-Finalization Markets: 291

All-Time Finalized Markets2,314

Pre-Finalization Open Interest: $181,798.00 (973 ETH)

CASH Contract: $560,974.61 USD (2,994 ETH)

ETH Price: $187.31

Around the Ecosystem

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