Augur Weekly Report — September 11th

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Augur Weekly Report — September 11th

Development Update:

This week the team is working on implementing some exciting new social features into the v2 Trading page:

  • Comments
  • Chat
  • Social Sharing

In addition, the team is working on designing new onboarding workflows with various wallet providers, including Gnosis Safe, which allows users to pay gas fees with non-ETH ERC-20 tokens, amongst other benefits.

Gnosis Safe

Augur Metrics:

Pre-Finalization Markets: 299

All-Time Finalized Markets2,341

Pre-Finalization Open Interest: $186,972.49 (1,061 ETH)

CASH Contract: $543,664.05 USD (3,082 ETH)

ETH Price: $176.38

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