August 2019 Community Update

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Ohh August! Although it’s a month we’re glad to see the end of, Skycoin’s development and progress continued despite internal and external issues with the company.

In spite of this unfortunate incident, Skywire rewards were distributed as per usual with 24,000 and 16,000 $SKY being awarded to official and DIY miners respectively. Due to our server and domain change to, it is important to note that your rewards emails may wind up in your spam or junk email, so please check them before contacting

Skycoin’s Month of Organizing & Cleaning House

August has been a month of “cleaning house” for Skycoin. It was long overdue and a necessary step if we are to realize Skycoin’s vision. It was about removing employees causing friction and delays due to personal or contradicting viewpoints on the direction of Skycoin. They have been replaced with skilled people who understand the project, and who will fulfil their responsibilities. Once we have everything in place it will become clear that this short-term pain and struggle was worth every second! Although the reorganization of the company was mostly about removing troublesome or disloyal employees, Synth also took time to compartmentalize the hardware office and took the below photo which showcases a number of Skycoin’s hardware products and prototypes.

Product Verticals / Documentation

You may have heard Synth recently talking about creating verticals documents for each of the Skycoin products or pillars. Skycoin is a consortium of many important components that all fit together to form a decentralized economy like no other. The problem has been “How do we market Skycoin?”

What is the solution?

Hire some transcribers to work their way through years of videos and recordings then break the text into different topics that fall under a product vertical, spend some time editing, ...

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