August 2019 Monthly Update

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----- is building the better web: the decentralized protocol suite for content attribution, discovery, monetization and reputation.

August was a month of building up to the largest news we’ve in almost a year. In fact, this will be the most important announcement we’ve had since launching

If you’re active in Telegram, you know how much I hate announcing a pre-announcement to an announcement, but I want to make sure that everyone is paying attention as it’ll have an effect on every user and POE token holder.

Phase 1 of the Roadmap

In the coming days, we will have released the last part of Phase 1 of the Connecting the Dots roadmap. We are putting out the ability to make claims about claims plus making a claim about multiple pieces of content. These are the fundamental building blocks for powering everything about licensing, plagiarism, or reputation.

We’ve rebuilt a good bit of the Works Explorer application on to more accurately highlight what’s actually happening ‘underneath the hood.’ Instead of an individual claim being the focus of how you interact with, we’ll start to show the entire picture that exists of what we know about that content.

Below is a screenshot from our QA developer environment showing the connections between the Bitcoin whitepaper where there are conflicting versions plus conflicting claims of authorship. We think it’s a pretty great first use case for testing the code out and tweaking the interface.

However, this is just the first step for this interface. It’s still super clumsy to use and will take some additional development cycles to get it right. We’d love to hear your feedback on what you do and don’t like so be sure to drop by Telegram with your opinions.

Phase 2 and the Future


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