August Recap: Offline Staking & More

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A lot has happened with Qtum in the month of August! Offline staking protocol hard fork took effect, the testnet Stake-A-Thon winded down, the mainnet Stake-A-Thon just got started, and the huge DeFi grant program went live, making this past August one the hottest months on record.

August started out with the continuation of the Qtum Testnet Stake-A-Thon which completed on August 24th paying out a total of 820 QTUM! We would like to say thank you to everyone who participated and congratulate all winners (as a special thank you, 5 lucky participants will receive an additional 100 QTUM prize)!

Great job testing out the Offline Staking Protocol!

Read all about the 4th and final update for the Qtum Testnet Stake-A-Thon here:

Stake-A-Thon Update #4

DeFi Incentive Program

Just before the Offline Staking Protocol Hard Fork, Qtum announced the Qtum DeFi Grant Development Program where Qtum offers up to 5 million USD worth of Qtum to bring Defi development innovations to the platform. Developers interested in applying for a Qtum DeFi grant should contact or visit the grant program page directly:

Qtum DeFi Incentive Program - Qtum

Hard Fork Awareness

After the highly anticipated Offline Staking Hard Fork successfully activated on August 28th at block height 680,000, users began delegating their Qtum to super stakers and running their own super stakers.

Read all about the Hard Fork and features here:

Qtum’s Hard Fork at Block 680,000 (August 28)

Mainnet Stake-A-Thon

Ending out this amazing month, Qtum has launched the Official Mainnet Qtum Stake-A-Thon! In order to help promote and debut the new Offline Staking Protocol, Qtum invites everyone to continue delegating and staking Qtum on the Mainnet Stake-A-Thon which started on August 30th. You can say there will be a lot more QTUM at stake with a total pay-out of ...

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