Autonio Integrates Loopring Exchange Into NIOX Market Making Software

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The NIOX Maker, part of NIOX Suite by Autonio, now supports Loopring Exchange, an Ethereum zkRollup DEX. It’s live and ready for the public to start trading and market making with. You can begin running your strategies here.

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Autonio Foundation’s automated trading tools and infrastructure, especially the NIOX Maker, are a perfect match for the high performance engine offered by Loopring. Combined, users are able to deploy active liquidity provision strategies on a gas-free, non-custodial Ethereum exchange. This means users can maintain self-custodial security of their assets, while trading at high-speeds, low-fees, and hopefully earning attractive returns on the liquidity they provide.

NIOX Maker Module

The NIOX maker can substantially increase liquidity on a venue by allowing its users to harness innovative algorithms, complex calculations and thousands of data points gathered from the exchange it is running on — all presented in an intuitive UI. It helps turn enthusiasts, including non-technical ones, into market makers. This module of the NIOX suite contains a set of different strategies to make sure it fits the purpose and intention of the trader/liquidity provider using the module.

The basic strategies that are built-in can create liquidity in several different ways. You can find more detailed instructions in the NIOX Maker Manual.

The Trading Strategies

The market maker currently has 3 strategies which the user can implement, with more variations to be added over the next few weeks.

  1. Smart Market Maker is the ideal strategy for market making in extreme conditions, for example price swings of around 20 percent within a short amount of time, since it is capable of adapting to such movements and exits its positions in the case of black swan events.
  2. Nonstop Market Maker keeps making the market as per the chosen parameters, without taking rapid market movements into ...

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