Bancor Progress Update (April 2021)

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In April, Bancor continued to see rapid growth in trade volume, liquidity providers and whitelisted assets.

  • $3.2B+ in monthly trade volume (ATH)
  • 20,000+ active liquidity providers
  • $2B+ TVL
  • 15 newly whitelisted assets
  • $167M+ in BNT rewards paid to LPs (76% re-staked)
  • 61,000+ vBNT burned

This progress report is broken down into the following sections:

  1. Key releases
  2. What’s being worked on
  3. Governance
  4. Release breakdown
  5. Protocol health
  6. Community content
  7. Looking forward

1. Key releases

  • vBNT Burner 🔥 5% of all swap fee revenue is now being burned for vBNT
  • Limit orders: users can now trade at pre-determined prices on
  • xBNT: a stake-and-forget solution built by the xToken project, with auto-compounding BNT rewards
  • Gasless voting: 28 new proposals passed
  • UI updates: notifications, transaction history, new LP analytics, fiat on-ramps, landing page & more

2. What’s being worked on — 3 pillars driving development

Having delivered on the vision of Bancor v2.1 to enable single-sided exposure and IL protection for AMM liquidity providers, we are now working on building products that address several key areas of focus:

  1. Token Onboarding: Open Bancor’s doors to as many assets as possible by deploying mechanisms that lower the barrier to whitelisting on Bancor and make bootstrapping and incentivizing liquidity easier and cheaper for token projects.
  2. ...

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