Bancor Progress Update: December 2020

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December was another record-breaking month for the Bancor ecosystem as swap volume and total liquidity locked reached all-time highs for the second month straight.

Since the launch of Bancor v2.1 in October, monthly volume has increased 470%, while total liquidity locked has increased over 670% (currently ~$130M).

Highlights in this update include:

  • New tokens added to BNT Liquidity Mining: SNX + AAVE
  • LM rewards development (almost there!) & joint liquidity mining
  • Raising insurance limits
  • Coinbase lists BNT
  • Integrations: Matcha & Zapper go live
  • Bancor selected as a leading crypto by World Economic Forum
  • Cross-chain development: Polkadot
  • L2 Development: Arbitrum
  • Admin fee via vBNT
  • Roadmap in 2021

SNX & AAVE Receive BNT Liquidity Mining

Bancor governance added two new tokens to the BNT liquidity mining program. SNX & AAVE will receive liquidity mining rewards for 12 weeks straight.

SNX staking guide ; SNX pool

The SNX pool allows LPs to earn swap fees, impermanent loss insurance & BNT rewards.

AAVE staking guide ; AAVE pool

The AAVE pool allows LPs to earn swap fees, impermanent loss insurance & BNT rewards.

In addition, the following pools are currently receiving BNT rewards: ETH, LINK, WBTC, USDT, DAI, USDC, OCEAN, YFI, RENrenBTC.

Staking & stats on

LM Rewards Development & Joint Liquidity Mining

They’re coming! Liquidity mining rewards are undergoing third-party audits and expected to go live in January....

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