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Our festival data made new rounds, and we sat down with the man behind ‘’the home of Electronic music”.

With every month comes an upgrade to our platform, and July was no exception. We alternated between taking our well-deserved holiday breaks and applying some cool data to various work areas, and even snatched a quick 1:1 with the CEO of Beatport to shed some light on the coronavirus mess.

Beatport CEO: ‘’Our DJ community was nothing short of amazing’’

Beatport is the world’s largest Electronic music store for DJs, and our founder UMEK has dominated the Techno charts there for years.

Sitting down with Beatport CEO Robb McDaniels, he acknowledged the negative aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic, but was quick to point out that music ‘’became one of the key ways to soothe people’s souls’’, ultimately leading to an increase in the number of releases, registrations, page views, and playlists created.

You’ll find the full interview in our Viberate Insider section, where you can also access tons of other interesting pieces with tips and tricks for aspiring artists.

Beatport CEO: "We Came Into 2020 With an Audacious Plan"

Viberate data in the IMS Business Report 2020

July also saw a highly anticipated review of the Electronic scene. Kevin Watson, a data analyst with a passion for EDM music, crunched the numbers on festival cancellations, artists’ revenue, the impact of live-streaming platforms, and much more. The cool thing? He used our Sick Festivals data in his webinar.

Look, ma, we’re famous!

Viberate PRO beta: So far, so great

While we’re very proud to be a reliable source of data in the music world, we also want to make sure that users can get data from a platform that is as user-friendly as possible. From now on, new filters are available for entities in either ...

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