Beosin Completed Security Audit of YOYOW Mainnet 3.0 Code

After a month of professional and rigorous code security audits, Beosin adopted a simulated attack method to conduct a multi-dimensional and comprehensive black box security audit on the security of YOYOW public blockchain’s WASM module and business logic. After auditing, the WASM module of the YOYOW public blockchain passed all black box attack detection items, and the audit result was “passed (excellent)”.

Through this code audit, the security of all dimensions of the YOYOW mainnet was ensured, and a solid foundation was laid for the work that follows.

The following picture shows the result page of the audit report:

Audit report download address:

After the YOYOW Foundation obtained the audit report of Beosin, it immediately started communication with community developers, exchanges and website owners to determine the official launch date of YOYOW mainnet 3.0. The result will be announced through media channels after reaching a consensus.

In YOYOW3.0, the new core feature is the integrated high-performance WebAssembly (WASM) runtime virtual machine (YOYOW VM), which gives the YOYOW blockchain the ability to run programmable Turing-complete smart contracts.

YOYOW’s WebAssembly (WASM) runtime is integrated into the YOYOW mainnet code through a high cohesion and low coupling integration method, which realizes the separation of core features such as YOYOW content incentive feature and token transfer from the virtual machine operation logic, thereby achieving higher level of safety and reliability.

In addition to the smart contract feature, the evolution roadmap of YOYOW 3.0 also includes other features such as Smart Content Tokens, inter-blockchain technology, and IPFS protocol. After the completion of the YOYOW 3.0 mainnet, projects such as YOYOW.Swap and the HTLC inter-blockchain protocol developed by the YOYOW Foundation will also be deployed quickly.

The YOYOW Foundation has maintained a long-term cooperative relationship with Beosin. During the development of ...

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