Best Events of 2020 — iExec Year Review #1

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Best Events of 2020 — iExec Year Review #1

As we near the end of the year, we’re taking time to look back on 2020. Despite the hindrances of this year, nothing has stopped iExec from building new tech features and spreading the word on decentralization — Crypto never sleeps! iExec is proud to have presented at over 30 events this year, let’s have a look back for the first in the iExec year review series.


Starting off year, little did we know that we would be enjoying the last of the freedom to fully travel and be physically present at blockchain events — nevertheless, January started off strong at the Paris P2P festival, CEO Gilles presented at the famous and Web3 oriented event Paris P 2P (peer-to-peer) conference.

We then moved off to Developer Week 2020 where JC evangelized iExec technology, in his keynote titled “The Convergence of Blockchain and Trusted Computing in the development of AI.


In February, iExec had a big presence at an event that is a huge event among the Ethereum developer’s calendar: EthDenver hackathon and conference. iExec hosted having 5 bounties, had a mainstage keynote as well as participating in 2 other panel discussions.

During the same week in Denver, iExec also co-hosted the Distributed Network Summit with the IPFS team.

After Denver, it was off to the big apple — iExec was invited to talk at the NFT NYC conference, the biggest event focused on Non-Fungible Tokens. Research engineer Hadrien Croubois took to the stage to participate in a panel discussion on the varying uses of NFT, and teasing iExec’s plans to make cloud computing resources available as NFT assets, which were eventually implemented later in the year with iExec V5.

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