Binance Smart Chain Gateway.

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As you all know, Genesis Vision strives to create a truly decentralized asset management platform. We recently announced our upcoming migration roadmap that will allow us to break into the world of DeFi. The first step on this journey is integrating the Binance Smart Chain Gateway.

Currently, all traders and managers trade on centralized platforms (Binance, Huobi, Exante, Roboforex) which also means that investors have to use centralized protocols to participate in trading strategies (Programs) and Funds, when using our platform.

Binance Smart Chain is a Binance blockchain (this is not to be confused with Binance Chain) that aims to provide a platform for developing DeFi applications. This solution is rapidly gaining popularity, thanks to fast and inexpensive transactions and full EVM compatibility. Binance Smart Chain uses BNB, as a native coin (similar to ETH on the Ethereum blockchain), which you can buy directly from the platform.

Today we would like to take the next step in evolving our ecosystem! We are proud to announce the deployment of our brand new Gateway on BSC, which will allow you to invest in centralized assets by interacting with a smart contract- using your very own MetaMask Wallet!

How to connect the Binance Smart Chain

If you are using MetaMask, connecting to the Binance Smart Chain is effortless.

To do this, you just need to add a Custom RPC.

And fill in the fields as follows:

Network Name
Binance Smart Chain


Chain ID

Currency Symbol (optional)

Block Explorer URL

Once connected, you will be able to see the balance of your BSC wallet.


Funds and Programs now have an ‘Invest via BSC’ button....

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