BitBoy, popular crypto streamer with 750k+ followers, to launch Theta NFTs on in May

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We’re excited to announce that BitBoy, the popular crypto streamer with 750k+ followers, will launch his own Theta NFTs on ThetaDrop in May. Bitboy along with a number of other creators are launch partners of ThetaDrop general NFT marketplace throughout May and June, when the platform opens up broadly in addition to branded partners like World Poker Tour.

BitBoy is one of the most well-known crypto streamers, with daily view counts frequently higher than 200k on his Youtube videos. His unique NFTs built on Theta blockchain will be released as part of a dedicated site at BITBOY.THETADROP.COM.

BitBoy’s NFT drops will be created in an eye-catching BitVerse comic-themed art style. But unlike other digital art, these aren’t just for collecting. BitBoy’s NFTs are linked to items of real value that can be redeemed in real-time or at a later date, such as a private zoom call with BitBoy, exclusive BitBoy merchandise, in-person meetups, and the chance to play a game of online poker with him.

BitBoy will go live during his drop, and anyone who purchases an NFT will receive an exclusive badge usable in chat on ThetaDrop real-time NFT marketplace puts the artist or influencer live front and center in front of his fans, increasing engagement and interactivity at a global scale. This is akin to a traditional art gallery opening where you have the opportunity to meet and greet the artist, socialize and enjoy the appetizers while participating in the auction and sales of their art pieces.

Influencers and creators are beginning to recognize the value in building their NFTs on Theta, where gas fees are 99% cheaper than on Ethereum, transactions are lightning fast, and energy demands are low thanks to Theta’s Proof of Stake consensus protocol. TFUEL, the main utility token of the Theta Network, ...

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