Bitcoin programmer: The next big job in engineering?

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Wondering where your engineering skills could lead you in the future? With the pace of change in the industry, you might not be waiting too long to find out. There’s already a host of new career paths emerging in the bitcoin industry, for example, according to Jimmy Nguyen.

Having spent 21 years as an intellectual property and digital technology lawyer, Nguyen is now president of the Bitcoin Association, a Swiss organisation that works to advance business on the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (SV) blockchain.

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“In the technical fields, there will be new job categories for developers, engineers, solutions architects, scientific researchers and other professionals directly involved with designing and building applications that leverage the bitcoin blockchain,” he said.

Bitcoin Script engineers are a new category that we expect to take off uniquely within the Bitcoin SV ecosystem because of the technical capabilities and scaling power of its blockchain.

“In addition, I expect we will see broader business and operational roles at digital currency and blockchain companies, with greater need for compliance professionals.”

These are likely to include blockchain analytics experts as well as finance and tax advisers and auditors with expertise in digital currency accounting and distributed ledger technology. Lawyers and policy advisers with knowledge of the sector will also be important, he said.

Jimmy Nguyen is smiling into the camera against a pale grey background.

Jimmy Nguyen

Why become a bitcoin programmer?

Could bitcoin engineering be for you? Nguyen highlighted some of his favourite things about the industry and why he recommends considering a career in it. “Learning bitcoin is about more than just learning how to trade coins for investment or how to develop an application that runs on the blockchain,” he said.

“Learning bitcoin is about understanding an entire network protocol that intertwines data and monetary value, providing a platform for development on top of the internet, but ...

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