Blockchain Hackathon Tips for Building a Winning Submission

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Blockchain Hackathon Tips for Building a Winning Submission

The Spring 2021 Chainlink Virtual hackathon is now well underway, with thousands of dApp developers building a wide variety of  projects that are pushing innovation forward in the smart contract ecosystem.

With the midway check-in point just behind us, many teams and individual hackers are now looking to refine their projects into polished submissions that will capture the judges’ attention and win a share of the $125k+ pool of hackathon prize bounties. In this article, we’ll walk through some of the nuances of making a winning hackathon submission and point out some small things that can be implemented to make your project stand out from the competition.

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Make Sure You Submit

When it comes to hackathons in general, submitting is by far the most important part. Even if you can’t address all the points in this article, or even if you haven’t completed your project, you should still submit what you have. Don’t be afraid to put yourself or your team’s work out there. Submitting and getting feedback will give you more confidence going forward for future hackathons. You may even find that others see your idea and reach out to you after the hackathon to work together on refining it into a feature-complete, mainnet project.

Your User Interface Is Your First Impression

The user interface can be thought of as the face of your hackathon submission. A polished, slick user interface will always help your submission stand out from others so you can capture the judges’ attention. Front end user interface and user experience design are not always developer strong suits, especially among smart contract developers, whose strengths often lie in the lower-level blockchain layer.

Blockchain Hackathon Tips for Building a Winning Submission
When a backend developer builds a front end (Source: Reddit)

If you or your team ...

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