Bluzelle 2.0 — The Past, Present, and Future of the Creator Economy

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Bluzelle 2.0 — The Past, Present, and Future of the Creator Economy

Bluzelle is now More Than a Database.


Defi, NFTs, and media censorship has kicked off the the mega trend of the creator economy. After three years of development and customer demand, Bluzelle has evolved to be more than a database. This is Bluzelle 2.0.

  • We have undergone a new brand design to reflect the nature everything old is new, just a remix of the past.
  • File storage is now a core module for Bluzelle as its was in demand and we can do it better than others.
  • With file storage Bluzelle will be the home for NFTs. Right now your NFTs aren’t safe in centralized systems. Bluzelle fixes that.
  • We are increasing network utility by kicking off with an incentivized data farming program, called Call of Data.
  • With a 10,000 TPS chain, data services, decentralized Oracles, Bluzelle will enter Defi by starting to release products for BLZ holders.
  • Support for EVM chains, Cosmos Stargate, Metamask usability and more is coming up nect

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We’ve seen a lot in the three years since Bluzelle started. In the past twelve months we’ve witnessed the rise of three trends:

  1. Defi as a true alternative to the existing financial systems
  2. The emergence of NFTs as a way to manage intellectual property.
  3. The distancing of publishing from the incumbents because of censorship concerns.
  4. ...

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