Bluzelle and Genesis Shards NFT Partnership

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Bluzelle joins forces with Genesis Shards to integrate decentralized data storage solution and data oracles

As we find new NFT use cases, Bluzelle is synergizing with Genesis Shards, a decentralized Pre-IDO NFT marketplace powered by Polkadot. This partnership will redefine the NFT space by driving increased utility with decentralized data storage solutions and reliable oracle services.

Genesis Shards is a new marketplace for pre-IDO tokens on NFTs in the Polkadot ecosystem. It aims to address issues relating to the illiquidity of NFT tokens, thus rejuvenating cross chain liquidity to drive massive adoption. It is all set to NFT-fy the OTC market with a suite of DeFi products.

Major Highlights of the Bluzelle- Genesis Shards Partnership

Bluzelle will be integrating its decentralized data storage solutions into Genesis Shards’ ecosystem. Genesis Shards will be able to utilize the interoperable and scalable data storage facility for NFTs off-chain. Bluzelle will also allow access to granular data stored by Genesis Shards’ users.

Genesis Shards will also be employing Bluzelle’s decentralized and secure oracle solutions to protect from network failures, data breaches, malicious attacks, inaccuracy and low throughput. It will be extracting accurate price feeds by leveraging Bluzelle’s oracle to address the illiquidity issue in the NFT sphere. Through this partnership, Genesis Shards’ users will participate in Bluzelle’s staking and liquidity pool programs, contributing to Bluzelle’s mission of driving adoption.

This partnership will further expand the utility and will capture the attention of the entire space. With Bluzelle’s NFT product release in the testing phases, this partnership with Genesis Shards will lay a strong foundation for the future.

Speaking about the partnership, Pavel Bains, CEO of Bluzelle said,

“Genesis Shards is trying to revolutionize the space with its pre-ido liquidity solution and they are already creating a buzz in the community! Their team is well experienced in crypto and ...

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