Bluzelle and Mintable NFT Partnership

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Leading Decentralized Database Bluzelle collaborates with NFT Marketplace Mintable to showcase their “Bluzelle NFT Collection.”

We are delighted to announce that Bluzelle is joining hands with the NFT Marketplace Mintable to release the first set of their upcoming Bluzelle NFT Collection. Bluzelle will mint its unique digital assets by leveraging the intuitiveness and powerful UI of the Mintable platform to make the rare NFTs accessible to its native community.

This partnership will gear up excitement in the community as NFTs are on the verge of rampant adoption. Bluzelle and Mintable will both synergize to make the minting and distribution process of the NFTs as seamless as possible. This partnership will lay a strong foundation for future collaborations as we continue to launch more NFTs for our awesome community in the upcoming weeks.

Bluzelle NFT Collection — Exploring new opportunities through NFTs.

Under the purview of this partnership, both the companies will massively contribute to driving NFTs to the mainstream. Bluzelle will be exploring new value propositions by diving into the NFT landscape, allowing its community to experience the world of NFTs. While exploring vast opportunities, Bluzelle will primarily focus on utilizing the cutting-edge technology of Mintable’s NFT Marketplace to launch its collections.

The Bluzelle NFT Collection is a brand-new collection of artistic NFTs designed by renowned art directors associated with the launch of our new brand design. These NFTs curated will provide substantial value to our dedicated community. The community members will earn these NFTs as rewards for participating in a creative NFT campaign curated around our collection. To participate in the campaign, check here.

“NFTs have become the next killer use case for blockchain. Mintable has a high focus on art, which matches well with the brand design Bluzelle is moving towards. We also see Mintable as a growing platform to which we ...

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