Bluzelle Biweekly Review

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With new achievements and events, the first half of March has taken Bluzelle a few more steps forward in our journey.

Adding a new BLZ-ETH liquidity pool on Uniswap, publishing an explainer video on the RYU release of Bluzelle Oracles, Bluzelle and Equinix integration, and the Bluzelle NFT collection launch all took place between March 1st to March 15th.

Let’s have a deep understanding of each event in the following sections.

Bluzelle NFT Collection Launch

Bluzelle launches its NFT collection off the RYU MVP release for Bluzelle Oracles. The NFT series, which consists of four exclusive and rare NFTs, is crafted by some of the most well-known art directors. Following the specified participation process and rules, community members can access this collection through the Rarible platform. Along with native Bluzelle tokens, we offer a fifth exclusive NFT as a bonus reward to the participants who successfully gain all four NFTs.

Bluzelle Liquidity Pool Added on Uniswap

Starting from March 1st, community members could explore more significant DEX trading and staking options in this four-week long incentivized period and earn $BLZ. We were also able to provide a comprehensive idea about how this liquidity mining is different from our staking program. Users could earn extra tokens by participating in the BLZ liquidity pool program, and the reward for all the pairs is 1,000,000 $BLZ.

Bluzelle and Equinix Collaboration Update

This collaboration between Bluzelle and the NASDAQ listed data infrastructure company, Equinix, offers a solution to allow numerous regular users to run a node securely on standard cloud computing. The collaboration simplified the process of signing blocks requested by TMKMS at any time. It allows users to have separate and secure data of their private keys. It also allows an efficient performance validator on Google Cloud. Apart from this Bluzelle and Cosmos-based blockchain, we will bring ...

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