Bluzelle Partners with Gitcoin

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When we launched Bluzelle 2.0 two weeks ago, we stated our main objective is to increase utility on the network. One method is to build up developer activity so they create applications that use Bluzelle and the velocity of BLZ. To get this method going, Bluzelle has partnered with the best platform for engaging developers, Gitcoin.

Gitcoin’s mission is:

To build and fund digital public goods we empower communities of builders to connect and work together to create the future of the open web.

Originally a spoke of Consensys, Gitcoin spun out to be its own entity and operate independently. Recently they airdropped tokens to long-time developers who used the Gitcoin platform.

Gitcoin regularly hosts Hackathons and works with high-caliber projects in executing their own custom hackathons to drive developer engagement. To kick off this partnership, Bluzelle is one of the lead sponsors in the next major virtual hackathon, Gitcoin Grants round 10. Other sponsors are Polygon (Matic), Aave, amongst others.

After this virtual hackathon, we’ll be executing more Bluzelle private hackathons with Gitcoin throughout 2021.

If you plan to participate stay in tune with our discord channel for announcements.

About Bluzelle

Bluzelle is a decentralized storage network for the creator economy.

Bluzelle delivers high security, un-matched availability, and is censorship resistant. Whether you are an artist, musician, scientist, publisher, or developer, Bluzelle protects the intellectual property of all creators. You can ensure that when you store your creation on Bluzelle, it will be available, anytime, and always worry free.

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