Bluzelle partners with PolkaFoundry to accelerate DeFi adoption through intuitive oracle and NFT…

Bluzelle partners with PolkaFoundry to accelerate DeFi adoption through intuitive oracle and NFT solutions

After inking some solid technological updates, Bluzelle is back with a brand new partnership to accelerate its mission of being the storage layer for the creator economy. Bluzelle is joining forces with PolkaFoundry, the ultimate DApp production hub for DeFi.

This strategic partnership will witness Bluzelle providing access to PolkaFoundry’s DApps with its native oracle solutions and ramping up the NFT game through its NFT storage solutions. Moreover this partnership will bring the best of both DeFi & NFTs, ideally a match made in Crypto Heaven to unleash the true potential of financial assets to fuel adoption.

Bluzelle and PolkaFoundry will synergize to support DApps with innovative technological solutions

With almost every trivial application accessing real-world data for its seamless operations, we are assured that data remains an indispensable part of the modern financial landscape. Fetching data through external oracles is one of the principal ways which DApps devise to attain reliable, accurate and real-time on-chain data without much of a hassle.

As a DeFi production hub, PolkaFoundry will be utilizing Bluzelle’s oracle solutions to support DApps in its ecosystem. Under the purview of this partnership, Bluzelle will be integrating its secure and decentralized oracle solution into PolkaFoundry’s ecosystem to protect the DApps from network failures, data breaches, malicious data attacks and inaccuracy. The DApps can seamlessly utilize Bluezelle’s oracles and data feeding services to power the data economy in the dynamic DeFi landscape to validate data for greater accuracy and reliability.

The DApps in the PolkaFoundry ecosystem can benefit from Bluzelle’s NFT storage solutions wherein users can seamlessly store NFTs in a decentralized manner without any censorship, thus uplifting the privacy aspect. Bluzelle is employing cutting edge technology to dive into the NFT space by storing some ...

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