Bluzelle Roadmap Update — 2021 : A Road to the Future Decentralized Internet

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Bluzelle Roadmap Update — 2021 : A Road to the Future Decentralized Internet

With the Mainnet released in February 2021, the major move right now is to Stargate in June 2021, the latest version of Cosmos. Stargate comes with salient attributes like Inter Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) that will allow Bluzelle to move forward at a much more accelerated pace. This means any blockchain running on Cosmos can instantly use Bluzelle for storage.

For the DB, the overlying goals are strengthening the security framework, fixing of bugs, and maintenance. Our next steps involve forking the mainnet 2.0 to our next Stargate mainnet (mainnet 3.0). This will be a major improvement with the oracle module, synchronizer module, and the advanced features of Stargate. Some new features have been added to the testnet with improved gas economics. These are already a part of the public testnet that is running right now.

The upcoming June release will have two major additions:

  • Binance Smart Chain Support — Developers on BSC will be able to used Bluzelle DB on Mainnet
  • NFT Support — It ensures that when Bluzelle-certified NFT’s are purchased/transferred, their content is always available, thanks to the Bluzelle NFT backend.

‌Currently, if you buy an NFT, the interface to access the content is typically some website. Besides, websites don’t last forever, and there is a good chance that given enough time, your content will vanish or be suspect to threat by centralized servers, degrading or zero’ing the value of the NFT. Bluzelle ensures the content is ALWAYS readily available and secure. We provide an API so that NFT providers can store the content tied to an NFT on Bluzelle and assure their owners that the NFT will never vanish, thus driving long-term value to the buyer/holder. The NFT will carry the Bluzelle “seal”, thereby giving the NFT premium value. This ...

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