Bluzelle Welcomes Ankr as a Validator

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Bluzelle upgrades its partnership with the leading Distributed Cloud Computing Platform Ankr by welcoming them as a Validator

We are pleased to announce that Bluzelle will be strengthening its forces with Ankr in its latest collaboration. Previously Bluzelle and Ankr joined forces to drive massive adoption in the blockchain and DeFi space. Today, Bluzelle is thrilled to welcome Ankr as a validator in the Bluzelle’s ecosystem. This partnership will strive towards ameliorating the WEB3 experience.

Ankr is an infrastructure platform building a gateway to Web 3.0, connecting users, developers and enterprises. Ankr’s protocol allows easy access to an array of blockchains, and enables users to deploy staking and developer nodes seamlessly within minutes. By providing a range of developer APIs and enterprise solutions for Web 3.0 stack development, Ankr is on a mission to democratize the Internet.

Bluzelle is developing a distributed, open-source database service for the upcoming Web 3.0 applications. Bluzelle combines decentralized technologies with edge computing to help bring about a faster and more secure internet. Our decentralized data network is tamper-proof, and has greater privacy, scalability and availability than traditional solutions.

Both Bluzelle and Ankr share a common philosophy of leveraging blockchain technology to build a more secure, scalable, robust and decentralized Internet, which would be able to support the high performance DApps of tomorrow.

Ankr joining as a Validator in Bluzelle’s ecosystem advocates volumes about the strong partnership in the blockchain and DeFi space. We are thrilled to join Bluzelle as a validator to resonate with the vision of driving WEB3 adoption. We are confident that this integration will result in creating a robust infrastructure for the ever-changing DeFi landscape. — Chandler Song, Ankr CEO

Now, Ankr has joined the Bluzelle ecosystem as a validator. Ankr has rapidly grown into a trusted name in the ...

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