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Bluzelle integrates with WasabiX to reinforce Data Reliability, Accessibility and Accuracy for Mainstream Adoption

Bluzelle is extremely delighted to announce its upcoming partnership with WasabiX, a cross-chain yield backed synthetic asset and AMM DEX platform. This partnership will be instrumental in driving DeFi security and reliability striving towards a future decentralized internet.

Bluzelle, also popularly known as the AirBNB of Databases, is revolutionizing the DeFi & Web3 space through decentralized data networks providing greater security, scalability and privacy in the modern financial landscape. The comprehensive bundle of data storage and oracle solutions provides ecosystem partners with a one-stop solution for their data needs.

Importance of the Bluzelle — WasabiX Integration for mass adoption.

The next generation of decentralized financial primitives will need data in order to provide better security and increased protection to the users. Especially with the amount of activity on AMM based DEX platforms, accurate data feeds hold paramount importance.

The Bluzelle integration into the WasabiX ecosystem will witness utilizing decentralized data storage solutions along with oracle solutions. Bluzelle’s orcales are backed by its decentralized databasethat will simplify indexing pricing data. This is one of the major use-cases that drives increased utility of BLZ.

WasabiX will utilize Bluzelle’s decentralized oracle for on-chain activity involving minting, liquidation, realistic price data in the process of borrowing and lending, thus reinforcing data accuracy in the dynamic DeFi landscape. Bluzelle’s price feeds will further extend support to WasabiX’s synthetic tokens. Bluzelle’s robust security infrastructure, tamper-proof data solutions and greater scalability are some of the major aspects that creates strong resilience in times of malicious data threats or data corruption during flash loan attacks.

About WasabiX

WasabiX is a community-governed project providing cross-chain yield backed synthetic asset and AMM DEX platform. It operates on two chains including Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. As a fully governed community ...

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