Bring on 2021: What’s happening next year on CENNZnet?

2020 was a big year for CENNZnet, but it’s nothing compared to what’s ahead. With our mainnet up and running, live tokens on the network and public staking on the way, 2021 is going to be the most exciting year on CENNZnet yet!

Community is what drives CENNZnet, and as we move towards a fully decentralised self-governing network it’s you who will need to step up to drive our success. So in line with our commitment to full visibility, we want to give you some more insight into the specifics of our strategic direction for the coming year.

So what’s happening on CENNZnet in 2021?

The main objective

With the launch of our mainnet and the migration complete CENNZ is now fully integrated and can be used directly to power the CENNZNet blockchain. Our key focus for 2021 is going to be increasing the number of quality DApps building on CENNZnet. Both from our partner network and from new developers who want to leverage the technology we have been building. Why is this the focus? First and foremost because CENNZnet at its very core is a blockchain designed and built to support decentralised application ecosystems. We believe that by bringing together great ideas, awesome technology and a loyal decentralised community we can create a fairer future for everyone, by putting us back in control of our data, our privacy, and our lives.

The other big benefit of getting more high quality DApps (like Sylo) on our network is that this leads to more transactions. Within our dual token reward system, more transactions on the network equal higher blockchain CPAY rewards for our staking community. Not only does this benefit our internal community, it also raises the profile of $CENNZ and future demand.

How do we achieve this?

Big dreams need a big plan — and fortunately, we have both.


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