Build an RFID Blockchain Integration With Chainlink External Adapters

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Build an RFID Blockchain Integration With Chainlink External Adapters

The vast and growing world of IoT data is tracking more real-world objects and processes than ever before. Chainlink External Adapters are well-suited to deliver IoT data through secure and reliable oracle networks to all kinds of IoT smart contract use cases, such as on-chain supply chain logic or tracking temperature data for smart contract insurance claims. Integrating RFID scanner (Radio Frequency Identification) data into the blockchain is one such example.

The Best Open Project Prize winners in the Chainlink Virtual Hackathon, developers Aram Moghaddassi and Aaron Wasserman, used a Chainlink External Adapter to connect an Arduino RFID to a Chainlink oracle for use in a decentralized book check-out and tracking system, called the Open Library Project.

In this tutorial post, Aram Moghaddassi explains how they implemented the project.

By Aram Moghaddassi

Hardware systems enabled on blockchains are a new frontier for smart contract developers. This post will cover inspiration, applications, and technical design for building such systems and be a tutorial (with examples) on how to integrate a simulated hardware backend for an RFID sensor on a Chainlink node into a smart contract.

The Potential for IoT Hardware and Smart Contracts

Blockchains and smart contracts have the potential to secure the tens of billions of IoT devices that are currently deployed and generating zettabytes of data each year. From smart homes, cities, factories, supply chains, and more, IoT devices are revolutionizing legacy infrastructure, and automated systems have the potential to create powerful efficiencies and business logic in this space. To this end, we’ve developed custom external adapters that allow smart contracts to interface with real-time hardware systems. We’re currently hosting an RFID external adapter with a virtual hardware backend, so you can follow along with this tutorial and try it out yourself.

Build an RFID Blockchain Integration With Chainlink External Adapters
How a Chainlink decentralized oracle network ...

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