Building a Paywall Infrastructure on Top of Raiden

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Raiden provides the means to build a fast, cheap, and decentralized infrastructure for token transfers. Therefore it can easily serve as a means to monetize online content like newspaper articles efficiently without the need for user accounts or a subscription-based payment model.

We have constructed a demo to inspire you to build a paywall infrastructure on top of the Raiden Network. It demonstrates how frictionless, fast, and accountless pay per use paywalls can be easily implemented:

Watch the Full Video Below

Paywalls in the Online Newspaper Landscape

In today’s online world content providers struggle to fund the creation of quality content. Since the rise of ad blockers, ad revenue often can not subsidize the free provisioning of content to the consumers. Therefore many content providers moved to asking directly for money one way or another.

On online newspaper sites, fencing the content by a paywall became a widely adopted means of revenue creation. Often, paywalls require account creation, as well as the involvement of a third party payment provider (e.g. PayPal or VISA).

The content providers often choose to have monthly subscription-based paywall models instead of offering more fine-grained pay-per-view payments.

Currently, the pay-per-view payment method requires the involvement of payment services which leads to more centralization and higher fees for users and more dependency on third parties for content providers.

The Raiden Network can solve those issues by providing cheap, near-instant payments while still profiting from the decentralized nature of blockchain technology.

Assuming that participants already have access to a funded Ethereum account, content providers, as well as consumers, can join a payment network in an ad hoc fashion and immediately receive or send funds without the involvement of an additional third party.

This will also allow for other scenarios, where the boundaries between a content provider and consumer are fluid: a newspaper ...

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