Building Next-Gen Use Cases with Pebble by IoTeX

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2020 was an incredible year for the blockchain industry. Core building blocks reached an inflection point in maturity and usability across DeFi (DEXs, loans, synthetic assets), social (NFTs, identity), and stablecoins. These tools have gotten us to where we are today but blockchain is still in its infancy. The billion-dollar question is: what new building blocks will propel blockchain to the next level?

IoTeX believes the answer is verifiable facts to connect what happens in the real world with blockchain applications to fuel automation, settle contracts, and much more. Just like verifiable price feeds (e.g., Chainlink) sparked an incredible wave of DeFi innovation, verifiable real world data feeds will exponentially grow what is possible with blockchain technology.

Verifiable Asset Tracking Data w/ Pebble by IoTeX

IoTeX has spent the last year pioneering this concept with Nordic Semiconductor, a top global IoT chip manufacturer. Together we built Pebble— an end-to-end solution that combines tamper-proof hardware/software to make verifiable asset tracking data (e.g., location, climate, motion, light) available to blockchain DApps. The next core building block that will unlock a new universe of blockchain use cases is now here!

As we approach the official launch of Pebble, we are hosting the Pebble Idea-Thon to explore the possibilities of replacing error-prone intermediaries with trusted IoTeX technology. We encourage everyone to check out the video below, which outlines a) what is Pebble + why is it special, b) what use cases Pebble can unlock, and c) how to design your own Pebble use case.

What is Pebble?

Pebble is a first-of-its-kind device that generates data that can be verified, and therefore trusted, by anyone. Pebble does this by combining tamper-proof, open-source hardware and software, which provides end-to-end verifiability of all data capture, validation, and transmission processes. At a ...

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