Building SkyLive on Sia Skynet

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Building SkyLive during the first Skynet hackathon

Note from the Sia team: We’ve held a number of hackathons over recent months, mostly focusing on what can be done with the incredible Skynet, the world’s first fully decentralized content and application hosting platform. DaWe won our first with SkyLive, a livestreaming platform built on top of Skynet. Prior to this, we didn’t even know that livestreaming on Skynet would be possible, but the hackathon tested DaWe and the network, and something beautiful came of it.

Our most recent hackathon was Own the Internet (over $8,000 USD in prizes), where we partnered with Namebase. Our next, Hack the Rainbow, has us partnered with Near Protocol and has almost $5,000 USD worth of prizes. Hack the Rainbow is live right now, so sign up and get involved.

Hackathons are an incredible opportunity to build on the next wave of technology. Read on for DaWe’s full hackathon story.

The beginning

I was very happy when the first Sia Skynet hackathon was announced. I already used Sia for renting and hosting purposes, so it was not a question to enter the competition. I had a bunch of ideas, so I felt it was for me.

I started working and made three small projects already when my mind exploded — how cool it would be to live stream on the decentralized Sia storage? To be honest this was not the first time I tried to make something crazy with Sia — some months prior I tried torrent seeding and full-bitcoin-node running on my rented Sia storage — both failed.

The problem was that you can’t stream continuously on Skynet because you can’t upload an in-progress video file. You need to finish the file, upload it, and then you can send it to your friends. You also can’t change the uploaded file, because the ...

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