Built to Explore: The Skynet Spring 2021 Hackathon!

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It is with great pleasure that I am announcing our Spring 2021 hackathon, featuring more than $25,000 in prizes for participants. The hackathon is focused around content and media, and for the first time ever we are opening the prize pool to every single member of the community. Official kickoff will be on April 9th!

Sign up here: https://gitcoin.co/hackathon/built-to-explore/onboard

The hackathon is going to be broken into three phases. Phase one is the build phase, featuring the largest prize pool at more than $20,000. Hackers will work in teams to build applications that empower community members to build, share, and interact with content and media on Skynet.

Phase two is the explore phase, featuring a prize pool of more than $3,000. The Skynet community will have 2 weeks to play around with the apps made during the build phase, and prizes will be awarded through the explore phase to the community members that create the best content and most popular content.

The final phase is the dream phase, featuring a $2,000 prize pool and dedicated to looking towards the future. Participants will be invited to create essays and other forward-looking works of art which attempt to imagine a world where decentralization has succeeded.

Core Focus: Content and Media

The major theme of this hackathon is content, media, publishing, and sharing. We want developers to create applications that allow users to share things with the world. Whether those “things” are memes, shower thoughts, photos, videos, blog posts, playlists, galleries of memes made by other people, commentaries, code snippets, or nearly anything else, we are looking for applications that allow users to express themselves and share it with the world.

We are also looking for applications that allow users to interact with content. For example, an application that loads content from other applications and allows users ...

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