Burn-Drop v2 Tokenomics Kickoff: Airdrip IGNITE (Apr 28 — May 31)

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Burn-Drop v2 Tokenomics Kickoff: Airdrip IGNITE (Apr 28 — May 31)

It’s official! There are now 3,000+ devices on the IoTeX Network, which means Burn-Drop v2 tokenomics are officially LIVE. To celebrate, we are hosting a special kickoff campaign called Airdrip IGNITE where Burn-Drop eligible stakers will receive $100,000 worth of mimo liquidity pool (LP) tokens (i.e., IOTX-XRC20 token pairs) from now until May 31!

Sign up for Airdrip IGNITE at burndrop.iotex.io starting April 27 @ 10pm PDT!

Starting April 27 at 10pm PDT, Burn-Drop eligible stakers can sign up for Airdrip IGNITE via burndrop.iotex.io to receive the “Coin of the Week”. Each week a new mimo LP token, which represents ownership of IOTX-XRC20 token pairs in mimo liquidity pools, will be delivered to Burn-Drop eligible stakers (i.e., stake ≥91 days with stake-lock on). For Week 1 (Apr 28 to May 4) and Week 2 (May 5 to May 11), CYC-IOTX and VITA-IOTX pool tokens will be sent to all Burn-Drop eligible stakers that sign up — get ready!

Airdrip IGNITE is in addition to IOTX “Burns” & “Drops” that are now active for Burn-Drop v2. This means from now until May 31, Burn-Drop eligible stakers will earn IOTX staking rewards + boosted IOTX “drops” + Airdrips of mimo LP tokens! Make sure to set your staking buckets to ≥91 days stake duration with stake-lock on to be eligible for Burn-Drop and Airdrip IGNITE.

Airdrips — New for Burn-Drop v2

Burn-Drop v2 expands on our original Burn-Drop design by introducing Airdrips. 25% of the total Burn-Drop IOTX supply (i.e., 25M IOTX per Burn-Drop phase) will be contributed gradually to a new Airdrip DAO after every new device is registered to IoTeX. This Airdrip DAO will utilize a points-based system where Burn-Drop eligible users will be “dripped” non-transferrable points ...

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