Case study: AdEx and Stremio

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The Company

Stremio is a media platform that allows people to aggregate and watch video content from different sources. It helps you organize & watch your own collection of movies, series, YouTube channels, etc. It is available for a variety of operating systems — Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, etc.

The idea for Stremio was born in 2013 and evolved to the alpha version of the app that was launched in June 2015. Within the first year of its existence, the service had already built a customer base of more than 2 million people. In 2021, the number of registered users exceeds 14 million users across the globe.

The majority of the Stremio users are located in Brazil, Portugal, USA, Argentina and the United Kingdom, however the platform is enjoyed globally. In 2020, it registered an average of 1.7 million monthly active users.

The Challenge

When Stremio began gaining traction, the team decided to monetize it through ads in the Windows installer file and the Android app. They reached out to various advertising networks and tried their services.

Unfortunately, the ad networks submitted obviously falsified reports and statistics. The revenue that the company saw coming in from ad impressions didn’t match their internal records and estimates. For example, one of the providers they had tested continued to report traffic even after their code was removed from Stremio; the traffic supposedly came from the USA while Stremio’s internal analytics showed no users in that geolocation.

Antivirus programs considered the Stremio installers as malicious software because of the ad networks’ code injected in the app.

Last but not least, the ads were intrusive, spoiled the UX and cost the users money for the extra data consumed.

Eventually, the team concluded that the unsatisfactory ad revenue did not justify the poor user experience and the appalling reporting, so they ...

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