CENNZnet 2020 — a year in review

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CENNZnet 2020 — a year in review

CEO Aaron McDonald shares key developments over the past year.

Despite two lockdowns and heightened global uncertainty, the Centrality team and our ventures have been fast to adapt to the changing business landscape. Working hard and with our eye on the future, the team continues to bring our road map to life — UNfucking the world as we go!

As we head towards a well-deserved kiwi summer break, I wanted to take the opportunity to look back on some of the milestones we’ve achieved over the last 12 months.

Grant DAO’s

In line with our commitment to community ownership of CENNZnet, we opened up some exciting Grant DAO opportunities for the open-source community. The long term vision is that we will transition into a model more similar to Bitcoin Core, where Centrality contributes to research and vision while the community and ventures will gradually take more of the responsibility for owning implementation.

With this goal we were able to get two exciting projects over the line:

  • UNcover Evolution: Created the CENNZnet UNcover explorer to support Azalea,
  • Transition Contract Project: Deliver application for ERC20 tokens migration between Ethereum and CENNZnet.

Check out this year’s Grant announcement here.


It was a big year for the CENNZ token, with 3 new exchanges listing CENNZ within the same month. ZB, MXC and Bithumb now list CENNZ. Each of these exchanges has held trading competitions and AMA’s to share the CENNZnet story with their ample communities, expanding our followers throughout Korea and China.

Marketing to new followers

In line with the exchange listings, 2020 saw us launch aggressive marketing campaigns in both China and Korea, as well as a global digital campaign. The goal of these campaigns was to widen the brand awareness of CENNZnet to new investors, and they resulted in significant increases in the ...

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