CENNZnet browser extension user guide

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The CENNZnet browser extension provides DApps with secure access to your CENNZnet accounts so that you can sign transactions with your CENNZnet accounts.

The extension doesn’t perform wallet functions like sending funds. It currently only works with Google Chrome.

Manage account

The “+” button on the top right corner of the CENNZnet browser extension shows the menu to manage accounts. This allows you to:

  • Import an account
  • Create an account

Import an account

If you have an existing CENNZnet account, you will need to import or restore it into the CENNZnet browser extension. This is similar to when you move to a new machine, you’d need to import your CENNZnet account to cennznet.io again.

There are 2 ways to import an account:

• From a backup JSON file and password

• From mnemonic seeds

Import from a backup JSON file and password

The easiest way to import your CENNZnet account is to use the backup JSON file and your password.

Import from mnemonic seeds

If you’ve lost your backup JSON file or your password, you can use the mnemonic seeds. This allows you to set a new password on the account. You will need to download a new backup JSON file, because this operation means you will use a new set of backup JSON + password to access your account.

Creating account

Step 1: Click “Create new account”, and save the mnemonic seed to a safe place.

Step 2:

Input account details:

  • Choose “Allow use on any chain”
  • Create name and password

Creating a backup JSON file

The extension allows you to download backup JSON files. You can find it by clicking on the vertical dots button on the right of the account....

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