CENNZX Open Beta

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Join the CENNZX Open Beta

We’re excited to announce the launch of the CENNZX open beta programme!

The CENNZX beta programme will run on the Nikau 🌴 TestNet. This programme means you can be the first to try exclusive new features on CENNZnet, without spending real tokens, and help to guide the future of the platform’s development.

CENNZX is a decentralized AMM implementation built on CENNZnet. It powers the multi-currency fee payment system and is CENNZnet’s first DeFi offering. Users can trade directly on CENNZX against the spot price or act as liquidity providers and earn fees on trades.


How do I Join?

To get started with CENNZX beta testing, you will need to:

  1. Install the CENNZnet browser extension and add an account
  2. Get some free test tokens for your account using the faucet

That’s it. Go try CENNZX, create liquidity and trade!

Here are some important guides to learn more about how CENNZX works and to navigate the UI:

• Learn how CENNZX works by following this guide.

• Learn how to use the CENNZX UI and the CENNZnet browser extension.

Installing the CENNZnet browser extension

For this open beta, you will need to manually install the CENNZnet browser extension. When CENNZX goes live, we will make the CENNZnet extension available from the Chrome Web Store, making it easier to install.

Please follow the steps below to install the CENNZnet extension.

Note: The CENNZnet extension is compatible for Google Chrome

  • Download CENNZnet-extension from here
  • Unzip the CENNZnet-extension
  • Install Google Chrome
  • ...

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