Chainlink Awards Grant to Anyblock Analytics

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Chainlink Awards Grant to Anyblock Analytics

The Chainlink Community Grant Program provides financial resources to the many development teams and researchers building a more functional and accessible Chainlink Network. We encourage talented individual developers and development teams to apply to the grant program, or if you are a researcher and want to collaborate, contact us.

We are glad to announce that Anyblock Analytics, a German-based infrastructure provider and development shop for blockchain-based solutions, has been selected as a recipient of the Chainlink Community Grant Program. Anyblock Analytics is receiving a grant to enhance the tools available to Chainlink node operators, particularly around gathering key blockchain metrics and making that data available within easily accessible interfaces. Chainlink nodes can then leverage that data to better manage their day-to-day operations and administrative overhead. The end result is cheaper, more efficient processes for Chainlink node operators, while end-users receive more secure and reliable oracle services.

The grant will go towards developing out several functionalities for Chainlink nodes, including:

  • Build a Chainlink node operator dashboard that will source and display useful metrics to the node operators, such as predicted gas usage based on previous responses made on-chain, aggregated earnings, average requests / transactions per hour, and other important datasets.
  • Create CSV export functions for keeping track of earnings and expenditures, allowing node operators to easily manage the finance and budgeting side of their node operations.
  • Enable one-click management of earned LINK in Flux Monitor Contracts, providing node operators with a way to easily interact with flux monitor jobs by simply pushing a button that efficiently retrieves the fees earned by them in the Flux Monitor address.

Anyblock Analytics is a German blockchain solutions provider offering professional infrastructure services and all on-chain data of 22+ Ethereum- and Bitcoin-based networks via one consolidated API. Users can leverage the reliable ...

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